Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday Walk!

Yesterday Ansir, Rosco and I went for a walk at Spring Lake. We had a great time.

Rosco saw a squirrel and decided to chase it.

Hey where did it go? The Squirrel was much smarter and faster than Rosco. But that did not stop him from looking.

And looking some more!

We also saw lots of large puddles. It was about 40 degrees out side so the snow was melting fast.

We saw lots of cows.

And played in the wooden maze. Peek I see you!

Rosco even enjoyed running in the maze. He stopped only long enough to let Ansir snap this quick picture.

This is what the maze looked like from above.

Oh yes and here is Ansir he thought he could hide from me. But alas I am a very witty 34 year old and was able to find him. Mom is Cool!

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