Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do you know what colleges around the country are doing?

*******WARNING ******
*****Not For Children*****

First of all I know that I have some children who like to read my blog so I must ask that you do not read this entry. I am sorry I will have a more kid friendly entry next time!

I was reading the Minot Daily News while I was at work yesterday and I was appalled at what I saw adorning the pages. There was an article discussing a Sex Worker Art Show . The link attached to the words will take you to a similar article produced by Fox News.( This article is not as informative as the one In the Minot Daily News paper. However I am unable to find a link to that particular article! In this article they proceeded to tell that some of the more liberal colleges hold an annual sex show for their students. These shows include strippers, dominatrix shows and encourage make prostitution appealing to it's audience. Not only this but they also support and distribute collage produced porn magazines.
It's no wonder sex is not considered a sacred thing meant for a husband and a wife! One of the statements determined that chastity or abstinence is now considered to be the alternative life style. I feel as though we are currently living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

I guess that I want people to be aware of what some colleges are supporting. We as parents and grandparents should be researching possible university before sending our children there. How can we expect them to survive if they are thrown into a den of wolves. If you have any thoughts on this matter feel free to comment! Also perhaps we should all send letters to some of these colleges voicing our concerns! Most of all we need to pray for our children and the directors of the University!

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