Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Little Town Alamo

Welcome to Alamo, ND

This is the little post office in town. The post master is always ready to greet you with a smile. He also watches out for our kitten when she climbs the big tree in front of the office.

This is the old school house in town. It closed down about 5 years ago and now two brothers run use it as a welding shop.

These are some yard decorations that one of Alamo's residents has in their yard.

You never know what you will discover when you are walking around town. This old washer was sitting behind some abandoned houses.

This is the beautiful Church bell that hangs in front of the little white church.

This is the little white church.

This old wagon sits just adjacent to our house in front of our neighbors garden.

I thought this was a unique picture. This is located right by the fire hall.

This is the volunteer fire department. I hear that in conjunction with neighboring towns there are 70 volunteers.

This is an old safe.

This is town hall.

The senior citizen center. Each tuesday is a busy day in Alamo as all the seniors gather for food and fun. There are on average between 10 and 35 people who are in attendance.

The play ground.

This is the town hotel. At one time this town was hopping with a hotel and 5 bars. there was even a gas station. Now this hotel has been turned into a house and all the bars are closed and falling down.

This is the grain elevator it is still running strong.

So now you know about our little town. While it is small we absolutely love living here. Feel free to experience small town life and come on over for a visit!

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