Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New kitchen lights

While the lights in our kitchen were bright they were very temperamental so we decided to finally get rid of them and replace them with new lights.

We purchased two of these lights for the kitchen area. They are pretty but not quite as bright as the others. We only have 60w bulbs in them and I am thinking if we changed to 100w they would be brighter.
We are also considering some tract lighting for different areas in the kitchen to provide more lighting in the high work areas.

This light is in the dining room. It is larger than the other lights and gives a warm glow. It also is not quite as bright as the other lights we had but hey. It turns on and that is worth more than the brightness the others gave when they finally decided they would grace us with turning on.

We kept with the silver accents on the lights so that they would continue to match the silver accents on our counters.

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