Friday, March 19, 2010

The Rocky Mountains

We traveled across Montana recently and we were able to see parts of Glacier National Park. I know that I have seen it before but I was so little I can not remember it.

This is the entrance to the park. We drove in a short ways but roads were closed due to snow so we mainly stayed on hwy 2 as we crossed the mountains.

These are some pictures of the mountains as we were approaching them. I love the picture with the train.

Tim said this bridge used to have a sign on it but it has since been removed. I love traveling some place where he has already been because then he can point out different sights and tell stories of his childhood.

There were many beautiful frozen waterfalls.

It was foggy so that added to the mysteriousness of the landscape.

If you look just above the trees before the mountain shoots upward you can see a thick blanket of fog.

This is the Continental divide landmark with the Rocky Mountains in the back ground.

This is the Goat Lick. Tim said that when they were kids they used to drive down there and hike to the lick and watch the mountain goats on balance on the steep slope while they liked the salty minerals in the rock.

Tim Is filling his thermos from a spring. He was very excited to show us this special place. It reminded me of when dad took us to W.VA. and we stopped beside the HWY to get a drink from a spring and pick fresh black berries. What memories!

Ansir tasted the water and made the comment, "it tastes like water"! Kids they just don't quite get it.

Even Rosco had to taste the delicious spring water.

In the summer the spring flows through this stone structure.

I was totally amazed with how blue the water was. When you looked at the flowing river you could also see this brilliant blue color. God is so Amazing!

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