Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter with the Suttons

AT 5AM Ansir was up and dressed for the sunrise service! He discovered that his basket was filled with treats and he had some new cloths and best of all a gift card for itunes. After we attended all the activities at our church we took a drive to MT to visit Tim's brother and family. We were delighted to have the opportunity to attend yet another church service and had the privilege of hearing our nieces singing during the service.

After church it was off to the house to see what fun things the girls got for easter. It was so fun to see their pure joy at each thing that was in their baskets. There were squeals of delight echoing threw out the house.

We had a massive easter egg hunt on the farm. There were over 300 plastic eggs filled with candy and 5 dozen died eggs. It was crazy. There were two special eggs that were hidden they were silver and gold and their prize was cold hard cash. Ansir searched and searched but to no avail the younger kids found them first!

Even Austin got in on the act. Isn't he so cute with his little Easter basket.

What a good daddy helping his youngest little girl find eggs.

She was so proud of all her eggs

Once the baskets were full they had to find some bags to use.
This is our middle niece.

More candy.

Rosco even got in on the action and towards the end he was racing the kids for the eggs.

The eggs were hidden from the house to the barn from the barn to the small field and out back in the cove of trees.

Here are the oldest two kids. They are tired from traipsing all over the farm. It looks like their bags got full.

Even the Great Aunt Lela got in on the act. She loved helping the kids look for the eggs. What a nice day memorable day!

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Nana Porcupine said...

Thank You for all the pictures and the log of your Easter Celebration. It looks like everyone had a Great time. I can't believe all those eggs! WOW!