Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gardening A Crash Course!

My mother-in-law spent the afternoon teaching me all about gardening. It was a lot to take in but I think we got a good start.

Here we are in the planning stages. Irene is teaching me about making raised beds and planting in wide rows.

We decided to plant the potatoes on one side of the garden and the corn on the other.

. Everyone worked hard to get the job done. My father-in-law was here also even though we didn't get a picture of him. He was the official photographer and potato cutter.

If you look closely you can see the wide raised rows.

Apparently this will allow for larger crops, less weeds and easier watering.

Irene is guiding her grandson as he digs a place for our rhubarb and our asparagus.

He worked hard to clear a spot between two of our basement windows.

Now that the land has been worked we started planting the rhubarb and asparagus.

Don't worry we covered these tender plants with some dead leaves and grass so that the frost etc. will not kill them.

Now you might be wondering why is Rosco sitting in the lawn chair. Well he got in-trouble for several things. Like steeling the cut up potato pieces that we needed to plant and getting too excited when he saw where Tim and Ansir were planting them. I hope he doesn't dig them up. He also barked at some town kids who were walking by. Naughty little dog!

When Irene came to the house she brought with her a book that will help me learn all about gardening. She said it was given to her when she was first married and it has helped her tremendously. I feel honored that she is willing to share this treasured book with me. Thank you Irene!

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Nana Porcupine said...

Your garden looks very profesional and like you will get a lot of produce from it. Keep us all posted on how things go.
That book looks very interesting too. My Rhuebarb is just coming up. Thanks for the post and all the pictures. I hope Rosco is finished with his "TIME OUTS"!
Love you much, Mom ><>