Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Calling!

Two years ago I made the decision to move to ND to be with my husband. At the time I knew that God was calling me to go but I in my sinfulness could not imagine what he had in store for me. I had always thought I was called to be the 1st grade teacher touching the hearts of many. Now I see things differently. I know see where God has been leading me. He is calling me to work in our new church to help get a youth ministry started. It is met by some with excitement and others with hesitancy and a bit of "we tried and it didn't work so what makes you think you can do it?" attitude. I have decided that we need to keep working, keep planning and keep praying that the Lord will bless our endeavors. I know it will not come easily, and that it will take lots of time. I will be discouraged at times and filled with joy at others. I am asking for continued prayers as we minister to these young people and their families. I pray that we can develop a support system where the children feel safe to discuss the issues they face each day and that we can give them comfort with Gods word.

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