Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Day Breakfast!

This morning I was in a quandary. What to make for

breakfast. The suggestion was Biscuits and Gravy

but as I am fresh out of sausage I had to think

quick. I remembered a cooking show that I had

watched a while back and decided to make apple

turn overs. They are easier than I thought and

taste great. I used biscuit dough, cut out my circles

put in the filling and sealed it shut with water to

make it sticky and a fork for the creases. Baked for

about 15 min and that is it.

I think I might try this again on Monday as it is my

turn to take goodies for Braille.

However this time I think I will add

some June berries for some color.

Sing Praises to Your King!

1 comment:

Gary Price said...

Marvelous last minute change of plan!