Saturday, July 30, 2011


Gnosticism is a heresy found in the church. I had heard of it before from the radio program Wretched Radio by Tod Friel. Then last night I was reading the introduction to Colossians and discovered that this was the main heresy in the church of Colossal. This is the main reason that Paul took time while he was in prision at Rome to write to the church and then to have the letter also passed on to Laodicea.
Here is the definition my study bible gives for Gnosticism in the introduction to Colossians.
Gnosticism: that God is good, but matter is evil; that Jesus Christ was merely one of a series of emanations descending from God and being less that God (a belief that led them to deny his true humanity) and that a secret higher knowledge above Scripture was necessary for enlightenment and salvation.
Gnosticism is still around today and we must not let ourselves be deceived.

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