Monday, July 04, 2011

My flowers are in full bloom.

This is what we call the front of the house. My mom brought several plants last year and we planted them in this flower bed. They sure do love their new home. As you can see they are thriving. 

I just love these pretty daisies. 

Here is a beautiful close up. 

This is my flower garden to the south. The one  that Trixie loves to dig in. these are the plants that survived her vicious digging!

And finally some pictures of my Vegetable garden! My corn is looking very nice. 

It was a very windy day when I planted my lettuce. So as you can see it has sprouted up all across my garden.

And finally my potatoes. I can't believe how a few hot days makes the garden grow!  I have already been able to harvest some wonderful lettuce and radishes. There is nothing like eating the fruits of your labor. And surprisingly enough the weeds are not so bad. But that creeping Jenny can over take your garden if you do not keep on top of it. 
Sing Praises to Your King!

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