Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

On a day like to day we often celebrate with a big BANG! We remember those who have fought so hard to protect our freedoms that our for fathers have secured for us. But all to often they become our focus point and we forget to give thanks to our Maker and Redeemer. Our country was indeed based on Christianity. We see evidence of that on our currency and in the Pledge of Allegiance. Our founding fathers sought out guidance from God when forming this great nation. He had His hand in it. Let us then this day also celebrate and thank God for for those freedoms as well. Not only should we thank God for our Independence but we also need to remember to thank him for the freedom that we have in Christ. For with out Jesus death and resurrection we would still be in bondage to sin. I have been set free in the Gospel my sins are forgiven and I have been created anew by the bold of Him who took my punishment on the cross! For this I humbly say Thank you God!
Sing Praises to Your King!

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