Thursday, September 24, 2015

A trip to Bottanau

We started our afternoon with a picnic at the beginning of the bike trail. We had some little kitties watching us. 
It was a beautiful autumn day for a ride. 
We collected leaves along the way. We will be classifying later for our botany class. 
This leaf was so huge. We just had to take a picture. 
The gorgeous colorful leaves made for some pretty backgrounds for our pictures. 
Dezzi biking along the picturesque bike rout. 
Lucas enjoying the ride.
We even sawwan old truck hidden in the trees.
Here is lake Metigoshe. We rode around the entire thing about 13 miles. 
We also found some awesome looking mushrooms. 
We did not collect any as we did not know if they were poisonous. 
After our ride we stopped at a point of interest. Have I ever mentioned I love stopping at points of interest? You never know what you might see and learn. 
This time it was all about using the sun to determine the season of the year. 
And to determine the time. 
We even had a lesson on how to count with Roman numerals. 
This was the view. It was breathtaking. 
Another view.
Dezzi posing on this large rock.
Now my handsome little boy. 
Then it was time for some selfies.
My precious gifts from my Heavenly Father. 
Another selfie.
Finally we talked about different kinds of rocks. This one was sand stone. 
And a conglomerate rock.
I thought these were simular to granit but Tim disagreed. 
What are your thoughts? 
Overall it was anot her great family day. We love having daddy home for 6 days in a row so we can take fun day trips like this. 

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Madcasmi Chambers said...

I bet you guys slept well that night, all that exercise and fresh air.