Friday, September 11, 2015

FIELD TRIP#1 Souris river wild life refuge

Today we went for a drive and wound up on a science field trip. We are studying botany and this was a great place to study God's creation up close and personal. We will do some research next week to identify all the plants we found. 
We found these pretty flowers. 
And these 
Oh and these.
Dezzi thought she found eggs which was a great guess but. Upon closer examination we discovered they were mushrooms. We had a lesson on not eating any mushrooms unless you know with out doubt they are safe. 
This one reminded us if cotton.
We also found wild snap dragons.
Lucas enjoyed identifying monocots and dicots.
This week we learned about bees and how they play an important roll in polination. 
And that they suck the nectar out to take back to the hive so they can make honey.
We also talked about bird migration. 
Best of all we had a great time as a family hiking, singing, laughing and learning.
Oops I cut off Lucas beautiful smile.
And now he forgot to smile.
This area reminded me of walking in grandma's coolie.
My beautiful girl.
My handsome boy.
Shoulder rides.
Bird watching

We drove over a dam.
And finally picture Tim talking in hushed toned as he said" and now we observe the fisherman in his natural habitat. ...." 
But stay tuned our day was not over. Be watching for field trip #2.

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