Friday, September 11, 2015

Field trip #2 Air Museum

Our second stop was to the Air museum.
We got to see lots of things from WWII.
This was a biplane replica. Sorry it got blury.
Lucas liked this yellow model.
There were old fire engins.
And best of all a cockpit that the kids could play in. 
It was a crazy ride. Our destination Rapid City to see the Dinosaurs. 
We went upside down.
And of course things had to be fixed.
There were lots of cool plains. 
Old cars.
This jeep was another favorite of Lucas's.
This was an ejection seat the kids coukd examin. 
Watching planes land and take off. The whole building rumbled. 
All of these planes were from WWII and they all run. We learned they painted swastikas on the plane each time they returned from a successful mission and shot down the enemy.  
We also learned about where the phrase  the whole 9 yards came from. That is how long the ammo would be if it were laid out in a strait row. When they returned from the mission they told the matinence crew they shot the whole nine yards so they knew they were out of ammo and needed to be restocked. 

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