Sunday, August 12, 2007

Peaceful and Quiet

All the motor cycles are gone. The roar of there rumbling engines has quieted. Our campground seems empty and quiet. This was a down year for us when it comes to the Sturges Motor Cycle Rally. Last year we had around 12o sites/cabins rented. This year only 72. Although the numbers were lower it is nice to have a quiet couple of days before school starts. There is no loud music blaring through the grounds and no drunk people trying to sit in the hot tub at all hrs. of the night. I am glad that they enjoy their week long party however I am saddened that they feel the only way to have fun is to drink or do drugs. I don't know how after a night of "partying" they can get on their bikes and ride all day with out becoming a hazard to other drivers. Suprisingly there were only 4 deaths this year and 80 injuries in the Black Hills and surrounding area. I wonder though how many made it home in one piece. Many ride their bikes the entire distance. May the Lord watch over this crowd as they travel on home.

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