Friday, August 10, 2007

What? Me? Create a Website?

O.k. so I have been chosen to create a new website for our school. Talk about pressure. I have never done this before. I had to start by researching companies to be our host and tech. support. (boy will that come in handy) I didn't even know where to start. I was pointed in the direction of the Lutheran Portal by my principal so I checked it out. I sat on the phone and computer for over an hour while they demonstrated the ins and outs f their program. So I finally chose them then I had to get it approved through the Board of Education. When it was finally approved I was told I had until the 15th of Aug. to get it up and running. So yesterday I spent two hours on th phone with a nice gentleman who helped me get started. I feel that I already have a great start but we will see if the teachers approve and if they will indeed keep their section updated! Feel free to view my site if you like and provide me with any feed back. Remember it is still in the developmental stages so not all of the fancy things are complete. There will be pictures and a logo on the home page and the teachers will be updating their own spaces next week. I hope!


Nana Porcupine said...

Wonderfull! I think it will workout real nice. I already have it on MY FAVORITS and plan to look at weekly. I hope the teachers keep it updated and post photoes on a regular basis. Good Job so far! I'm sure there is still some work to do.

Melissa Sutton said...

Gosh a girl can always count on her mother for support. Thanks.