Thursday, August 02, 2007

Developmental Stages

Today we had a lady come to see our little boy. She administered a Denver Developmental Screening Test. She wanted to see how he is developing. I guess that all children who enter foster care under 3yrs old are given this screening. Mostly we had to answer her questions. They looked at his speech, physical and emotional abilities. She said that he was developing at a good pace and is advanced in some areas. She did say that we need to work on rolling a ball, playing patty cake, putting an object in a cup and saying da and mixing his words together like yadama instead of just bababa. But he charmed her by smiling and waving. She said that in the next six weeks we should see him doing these things. I am glad that he is doing well. Praise God! Tim will be working with this lady to help the baby stay on target for his development. In other words she will be teaching Tim how to play with the baby.

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