Thursday, July 22, 2010

False Prophets and False Teachers

The Bible warns us to be cautious for False Prophets and Teachers. How can we do this? The only sure fire way is to get to know the Bible. If we know what God has said then we will not be led astray. I believe our churches are failing in this area. How often do you see a Bible in the pulpit or one of the scripture readers reading the lessons directly from the Bible? I have found at least in the churches I visit they usually read from the proper sheet. How many churches actually have Bibles in their pews and encourage their members to open them during the sermon and the readings? Or during Sunday School how many of our teachers model to our children and encourage them to look up the lesson for the day? Even in the adult class often all we need is written on the hand out. I fear that if we do not open our Bibles at church chances are we are not opening them at home either. Now I know that some of us do but I fear we are the minority. We all find it difficult to stay consistent when it comes to spending time in Gods word. If we are trusting what our pastors and teachers are telling us but we have not read for our selves it will be much easier for us to be lead astray. Our pastors and teachers are sinners and make mistakes and we can give back to them by knowing our scripture so that we can bring those moments to their attention. After all they do not intend to lead their flock astray. So today I would like to encourage you to take a look at your life at home and at church. Take your Bible with you and open it during the readings and the sermon so that you can be sure that you are be lead in the right direction. Encourage your churches to bring the Bible back into the pulpit, lectern and into our Sunday school classes So that we will be encouraged to read God's word in and out of Church.

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Mike Kerr said...

"The only sure fire way is to get to know the Bible." I can really relate to that from my own experience.