Saturday, July 03, 2010

Families Work together

Today Tim lifted me up high with the skid steer so that I could finish painting the house. I also painted our pro-pain tank. I should have had Ansir take a picture but he was busy mowing the neighbors lawn.

After lunch they boys got busy digging fence post holes. It was hard work but they were very quick about it. They finished by 3:15. At least it was much cooler today than yesterday so the work was bearable.

Here is Tim as he powers through the grass to get the hole started.

Once the hole was started Ansir took over and tried his hand at completing a hole. He did a good job.

We are thankful for our big yard but that means that many many holes needed to be dug. I think they boys dog about 20 holes today.

Here you can see our fence line. We don't quite have enough for our entire yard but we will be getting some more in the future to finish the project. Next week we will be setting the poles with some quickcreet and pulling the fence tight.

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