Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Youth Group Trip to Hills Alive!

This weekend we took 11 teens and parents to the Hills Alive concerts in Rapid City, SD. We left the church parking lot at 6:00 AM after a prayer lead by our pastor.

When we arrived in Rapid City my parents had a great lunch of ribs, potato salad beans and rice crispy bars. What a blessing to have a great meal waiting for our tired travelers.

This is the view of the main stage that we could see from our location in the park. They had large screens so that we could see close up shots of the artists. Our teens and yes some of the adults spent some time right up front listening to News Boys. and Jars of Clay.

Here is our crew relaxing and listening to the music.

Tim was so awesome he went to pick up our supper each night so we would not have to leave the concerts. Day one pizza, day two sub sandwiches.

More relaxing and listening. This was a great opportunity for the teens to get to know one another and form life long friendships.

After a late night of concerts sleep was a welcomed guest.

My parents and cousin even came to enjoy the music in the park.

They enjoyed climbing the dinosaurs and that made for a cute group picture.

I always think the teens look so tall until we had them standing by the long neck.

Posing at the dinosaur.

Here is a picture of all 11 of us.

When we stopped for lunch on the way home the restaurant had lots of games for the teens to play. They had a great time. There were games for all ages.
These two were enjoying a game of pool.

Relaxing at the resturant on the way home. It was a nice break from the car ride. I thank my Lord and Savior for keeping us all safe on this fun trip that was designed to glorify Him!

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