Monday, November 17, 2008

Front Door's

I have discovered the difference a new front door can make in my daily life. I know it sounds crazy but a new front door has changed my emotional state. Let me explain why.

This is what our old door looked like. This is not the actual picture of our door. I wasn't thinking when all the activities were going on. I should have been taking pictures of all the construction that too place on Vetrens Day but I wasn't thinking. Any how this is what it looked like. Notice there are no windows. We only have two small widows in our living room/dining room. This is what they look like:
As you can see they do not bring in a ton of light. There is also a beautiful lilac bush infront of one of the windows. I would hate to cut it down because I love lilacs.

Now this is our new door. Look at all the windows. They make the small room seem larger and they bring in so much light. When I wlak into the room I nolonger feel enclosed or traped. Instead I feel invigorated as I can now see the happinings of our neighborhood. God has created the beauty of this world for us to see not for us to seperate ou selves from it inside our houses. Now even on the coldest of days I will be able to enjoy watching the snow fall, the dog's frolic and the squirls scamper with their nuts. Oh yes and the cutest little dog that lives nextdoor and another across the street. Perhaps I"ll snap some pictures of the dogs and introduc you to them.

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