Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Hobby Old Machine!

OK, so I remember vaguely when I was in 7th grade and I had to sew a pink fuzzy foot! Hmm I think I still have this project that was created in Home Eck(spelling???) Well I decided (since I have so much extra time on my hands) Perhaps it might be fun to try sewing again. I am certain my mother tried to teach me how to sew Barbie doll cloths when I was in elementary school. But since I was not overly interested in Barbies I also was not interested in learning how to make cloths for them. Sorry mom! Now I wish I would have had the patients to learn. So I will be teaching my self .

My sister in law let me borrow one of her machines. (she has three) I may consider buying a new one as Wal-mart has them for only $99. My sister in law also said she may have another one I can have after she gets it back from her grandmother. She was fixing it but it is half way across Montana.
Here is my project I made a Hot Cold pillow for Tim. So that he can Ice his leg with out the ice actually melting. (HMMM Whats up with the underlinging. I cant get it off...) Any way I used some felt that we had lying around and Sewed two rectulanger pieces together. I tried to get the seams straight but as you can see it was slightly crookid. Oh well then I turned the pillow inside out and filled it with black beans. (my sister in law gave me a whole bunch and my family can only stand them so often) Dad you would be proud I made bean soup with them and Guess What! I evan ate it! I guess it wasn't too bad. Oops I'm off topic again. Where was I? Oh yes then I had to hand stich the tiny hole closed. That is much harder than I remembered. Over all I am pleased with the way it turned out! Ill keep you updated with future sewing projects as I come up with them. I have in mind some cloths for my dog since it is so darn cold up here! He just shivers when he goes out side. And perhaps a skirt for me! I saw some cute paterns at the store!

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Nana Porcupine said...

Hey not bad for a beginner! I knew you would get it to work! I actually think you sewed a pair of shorts when you were Jr high but you sure didn't like it. I hopw you have better luck now!
with love, mom