Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Project # 3 Blujean Coat!

This my third attempt at sewing. I thinkit went pretty well. I discovered that jean material is a little tougher to sew through than felt.

I decided to be creative this time by adding a pocket. I used one that was already on the pants that I used for this project. (thanks to my son for out growing his jeans!) All I had to do is pin it in position and sew. Now he can carry his treats or a small toy with him where ever he goes.

I used elastic to help fasten the belly strap. I found those attached to the pants as well. The elastic had button holes in them so all I had to do was sew two buttons on the strap and WA LA it buttoned. I also had to cut a notch in the under strap to allow for his male parts. I don't want the material to get wet when he is doing his business.

I chose to sew the neck piece together instead of using buttons to fasten it. I like this as it is easy to slip over Rosco's head. I plan to put a red bone on the color to cover thee white seams. I think it will be a nice addition. I would also like to cut out his name and sew it to the back of the jacket. I am however at a stand still with this project. By bobbin came off and I had to put it back on. I now get tons of thread on the underside of what ever I am stitching. So please if you know how to fix this problem I could use your help! Here is a picture of what the bobbin looks like in case machines are different!

I am hoping Tim knows how to fix the problem. I'll be asking him for help when he gets home. (He learned how to sew a little when he was a kid.)


Anonymous said...

I think the thread has to be going clockwise and might even need to be pulled through a little hook on the bobin holder. The thread will then be coming from the left to the right and back left and up out by the sewing needle. It's very hard to exspain and every machine is a little different. Good Job!

Melissa Sutton said...

Rosco likes his new coats.He gets exited when I put them on. But I think people think I'm a little crazy! It has been fun. maybe next Ill make a little Christmas outfit!