Friday, August 07, 2009

French Braids

For those of you who know me well you have noticed that my hair is often pulled back in a french braid. I learned how to french braid my hair by watching my sister do hers. However my hair never turned out quite like hers.

My braids always turned out to be out side braids instead of inside braids. No mater what I tried I couldn't get them to turn inward. That is until today. Well actually yesterday really. While Ansir was painstakingly working on his math homework I decided to read my book. And while I was reading my book I decided to try braiding my hair. After several tries I finally did it.

Now mind you it takes me twice as long to braid my hair this way so I am sure I will most often resourt to the outie way of braiding. But I am glad that after many many years I have finally figured it out!

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