Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday at Grandma & Grandpa Suttons

This weekend we went to visit Tim's Parents on the farm that they work on. We had a great visit. The first thing to meet us as we drove up to the yard were their 9 dogs. If you close your eyes I bet you can hear them announcing our arrival.

The dog laying down in Babe and the other black lab is snowflake. Snowflake is their oldest dog and used to go to the nursing home to help cheer up the residence. There are two dogs like the brown one walking away one is named cricket. Cricket loves to lick. She is obsessed with licking and can't control herself. The other one has an awesome name it is Scarlet O'Hara.

We can't remember this dogs name but she is the momma to all the rest of the little dogs.

This is another shot of buddy she very happy and loves to play catch!

This is Princes and yes she believes she is the princes. She seems to always get her way! She along with Rosco of course was the only one of the 9 who got to go for a car ride.

This is Irene's horse Marriah. She is very pretty. There are two more horses and a goat that likes to jump the fence. I didn't get their pictures.

This is a great picture of Tim and his Dad. They were riding around on the farm looking for work to do.

Guess what? They found some.

This is fertilizer that had been rained on. They had to chip it out of the truck so that the truck can be used to haul grain. Tim and Ansir got to use team work to get the job done.

Ansir actually volunteered to help Tim out. I was very proud of him.

Irene (Tim's Mom) got in on the action too. I bet you are wondering about me? Sorry I was too busy snapping pictures.

Irene has 33 chickens and 3 turkeys I believe. This turkey wasn't feeling up to par so she was checking on him.

Here are all the chickens.
They were picking on the turkey.

Speaking of picking Ansir got to pick eggs for the first time. Grandma Sutton had to show him how. He even found one still warm from being excreted from the chicken. Rosco also found the chickens to be very entertaining especially once he figured out that he could make them jump, fly and squawk. But then he discovered the electric fencer and was very disgusted.

Grandma also has a calf in her yard. He is pretty cute especially when his face is covered in milk!

They also have llamas at their place. Irene said that the newest baby is hers. It is at the main farm right now with it's mother but will soon move to their farm yard.

We also went chock cherry picking and Ireen took me through all the steps to make jelly. I can't wait to try it. Over all this was a fun trip.

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