Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day 5 Butterfly House

Ok so Day 4 was a bit of a blur I think it was our down day when we stayed in the hotel and swam. We also went to brookings to visit some other friends. So since you already saw the swimming pictures and I forgot to take pictures while visiting my friend Laura we will just move on to day 5.

We visited the Butterfly House on our last day in Sioux Falls. It was amazing and the kids loved every minute of it. The first thing they did was to kneel down and look at a butterfly resting right on the walking path.

Ansir wanted a picture of a butterfly landing on him but wouldnt you figure none landed so he had to settle for this one of him looking at a butterfly on the beautiful green foliage.

Here all three children are patiently waiting for a butterfly to land on them. I think this is the calmest I saw them all week. But alas it did not last long.

Right before I snapped this picture a butterfly was sitting just past her shoulder on the bench but she sure looked cute even if it flew away.

Lady shay decieded she needed a close look at these delicate creatures. So she decieded to lay right next to them. Would you believe that they never moved.

This is my favorite picuture of Lady Shay. She is just enjoying God's beautiful creation.

Here is D'man in a simular situation. I find it amazing that they thought this was the coolest thing.

I figured that as long as the two of them were calmly looking at the butterflys I would snap a picture of the two of them . Isn't it so sweet.

There were so many pretty kinds of butterflys. The following snapshots are some of my best butterfly pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

And God said it is good! Indeed it is!I am always amazed at how detailed and intricate God's creatures are. Blesed be the name of the Great Creator!


Nana Porcupine said...

And sll God's people said AMEN!

Nana Porcupine said...

I love these close up pictures of the children and especialy the beautiful Butterflys. Each is different and only shows Gods mighty Love and Power. He has created each of us also in a very unique mold only out of His Love!