Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 3 At The Zoo

On Day three we went to the Zoo.

D'man found a peacock that almost let him touch it.

A beautiful camel was giving rides however we opted out doing so.

The kids had a blast feeding the Animals. Thank you Ansir for being generous with your quarters.

Lady Shay was giving some love pats to the calf.

This goat kept head butting Lady Shay who laughed each time.

The goats ate out of their hands so gently.

We all rode the carousel.

Even Ansir who thought he was too big to ride decided to hop on.

Lady Shay just loved the tortus. She was talking to it and giggling. Perhaps they understood each other.

Ansir lovingly held Lady Shay up to see the animals.

Waiting for the train.

Riding the Train

Lady shay trying to push her sroller. She did good until she took a stumble. Then that was the end of the stroller.

A beautiful tiger was sunning himslef in perfact view for the patrons.

An interactive video for the kids to be in.

The zoo also had agreat Taxidermy museam telling aobut all the differnt animals and their habitiats.

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