Wednesday, July 22, 2009

June Berries

Some where in some far away land I was able to go and pick June berries. Now mind you I don't mean just a few berries but as many as my mind body and soul would like to pick. What a glorious time we had. I think Ansir ate more than he actually got in his bucket but never the less we came home with enough berries for 8 pies if I so choose. I made my first one tonight.

I have never in my life made a June berry pie before today. I know it's shocking but it is true.

I used my Granny Shooks recipe for the crust of course. It comes out so flaky.

Found a recipe for the pie in our church cook book but I had to make a slight substitution. I did not have instant tapioca so I called my mommy who told me to try one table spoon of flour and one tablespoon of corn starch.

It looks pretty delicious if you ask me. I have not had a chance to eat it as I am still waiting for they guys to get home. It is 9:30pm and I am still waiting with my mouth watering! But any thing with pie crust sugar and berries has to be good right?

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