Saturday, July 25, 2009

Falls Park Light Show (night time Day 2)

At about 9:30pm Falls Park presents their light show. So we thought we hadn't done enough stuff in one day so away we went.

This is a good picture of Ann and her kidos

I found it extreamly difficult to take pictures of the falls at night. They all turned out blurry but you can still see how pretty they were.
They changed the colors to draw extra attention their majestic beauty.

Again blurry but you can see the variety of lighting they used.

They also had a lazer show that told the story of the founding of Sioux Falls. It was interesting and the kids liked the pictures.

These were also hard to take a picture of but these two were the clearest ones.
By the time the show ended at 10:30pm we were all tired and ready for bed. So back to the hotel we went. Join me again tomorrow for another installment of our Sioux Falls Adventure!

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