Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special Family Friends

During our 4th of July vaccation we were able to stop and see some friends. Tim has known these people for many years. In fact the head of the household used to be Tim's Pastor. He has a beautiful family with 6 kids rainging in age from 14.5-2.5 years old.

So as you can tell Ansir had his share of kids to play with.

They spent quality time on the trampoline.

Each of the younger children had to take their turn jumping with Ansir.

Rosco even found a friend there too.

This is the youngest of the bunch. Isn't he just so cute. He was shooting his pretend gun and had to protect his ears.

This is the oldest of the children he is almost ready to take his drivers test. He is just a little excited. He even has a motor cycle in the chicken coop that he was getting advice on how to fix it from Tim.

This young lady is 12.5 and is quite the little helper and second mother to the younger children. One day she will do a fine job raising a family of her own. She told me she would like to have 10 kids. It would not surprise me in the least if that happens.

This is Nolan He is such a great role model for his kids and all those around him. Tim speaks very highly of him. I believe he may have been discussing the ball launcher his oldest son was creating. He ran into a few glitches and it didn't launch.

This is Tracie. She is the mother of all these children. She also home schools each of them and keeps the house running.

While we were the there the kids all gathered around the table to play crash cars.

They each had little toy cars and on the count of three they slid them to the center of the table causing them all to crash into one another. It was noisy but they sure were laughing and having a good time.

Our visit ended as we sat around the campfire getting in the last few moments of visiting before we had to go. I am glad we took the time to stop and I also look forward to visiting them again.

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