Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day One of Our Sioux Falls Adventure

Last Week we spent a week with my best friend Ann in Sioux Falls. Today I will be sharing pictures of Day one of our trip.

Here are the three kids relaxing before we jump in the car.

Ansir and D'man decided to do some climbing to run off that extra energy.

Here D' man carefully plans his strategy for getting off the rock hill.

The boys willingly stopped to pose for this cute picture.
It turned out very cute.
As you can tell Lady Shay did not really want to smile for her picture!

These next two pictures were requests of my mothers. She wanted to have a picture of Ansir with all the sweet clover behind him.

The background did make for a nice picture.
Keep checking in to see more pictures from the rest of our trip. After all I took about 400 pictures. But don't worry I will only post my favorites.

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