Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our dog learned a new trick this summer. He has learned how to fetch a stick in water. Now you must understand that prior to now he did not like to go into the water above his ankles. We discovered that he liked water while at the lake one day. We heard a splashing, didn't see the dog and went to investigate. He has seen a stick floating in the water and decided it needed rescuing. Naturally we wanted to see if he would do it again and so the game began. He still doesn't like water that is too deep but he will venture into the deep water to get the stick as long as it doesn't look too far away.


Nana Porcupine said...

Hey, I like your blog but I think the date is wrong. It's only the 10th today. Friday July 10th.
Thank You for updating your blog I will update mine soon!

Melissa Sutton said...

I know the date is wrong. I have written several posts to appear when I am gone. This one was supposed to appear on the 14th. I am not sure what happened the rest worked out just fine.