Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pork- N -Corn Feed

Each year Concordia Lutheran Church holds a Pork-N-Corn Feed. This event is open to the entire community.

It takes many people to help put on the Pork-N-corn Feed each person had a job that they had to do. The young kids had to shuck the corn!

While some of the grown men were in charge of keeping the big boiling pots boiling.

Just look at all that delicious corn. We get it from a guy who is in MT.

Here is the big Grill/Smoker that they cook the pork on. It was very juicy and had lots of flavor!

Here is a close up shot of the delicious pork! There were three guys carving the meat.

Others made sure that there was plenty of beans to go around.

These guys loaded the plates for the customers. Tim made sure there was plenty of butter on the corn.

The teens helped by being servers. The guests would come in and once they were seated the teens would bring them a plate piled high with food.

Then they would bring around extras just incase you needed secconds of anything.

Over all I would say that it was a success and that the people were well fed. They spent lots of time visiting with the people at their tables.

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