Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Boy And His Dog

This is Rosco our little dog. He has brought much joy into our lives. As you can see my son loves his dog. Rosco's favorite things are watching for cows while out for a car ride and tearing up anyting with stuffing. He also loves to run, play fetch and cuddle. Rosco is one and a half years old.

Grandpa's Hands

This is a picture of my grandpa's hands. He was the president of his church for many years and has a very strong love for the Lord. I love how the picture shows how weathered his hands are from all the hard work he has endured over the years. He has since retired from farming and continues to guide his son and grandson as they work hard to keep the farm up and running. One of my favorite memories of the farm is waking up bright and early to watch the sun rise with grandpa. We would stand in the door of the barn during milking time while the bright sunlight would cast beautiful shadows through out the barn.

Goldie The Hamster

Hi my name is Goldie. I am the kids new hamster. I have a way cool home. It is purple, blue and neon green. It even glows in the dark and has an extreme wheel and a culry slide so that I can get some excercise. Rosco the dog thinks I am interesting. He keeps sniffing at my cage. I hope he dosent eat me. I am about 3 months old and I am a little girl.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My son as Simion

This is another picture of my son singing "Could this be the Messiaha". We put baby powder in his hair to make him look old.

Christmas Program

Our son played Simion in our Christmas program this year. He even sang a solo. We are so proud of him.


M son has been in scouting for two years. He will be crossing over to boyscout in January. I am not sure he will be continuing scouting once weblos is over. He has enjoyed creating marshmallow guns, picking up caned goods for the food drive, carving pumpkins and minnow races. Tim is currently the leader. He also has enjoyed the scouting experience but will be glad when the year is over so that he can focus more on his education.

My Family

This is my family. Tim is my husband who is hard at work for a moving companie during the day and is a full time student by night. I am proud of his decision to return to school. Then as you can see my 10 year old son is growing very tall and I am guessing that he will soon grow much taller than I. My husband andI adopted him two three years ago. My mother took this picture in front of her Christmas tree just before Christmas.