Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Gospel

Today Ansir had the privilege of reading the gospel message to our congregation. He did a marvelous job. He had practiced reading Luke 1:1-13 . However we soon discovered that he should have practiced reading Luke 11: 1-13. He handled the change very well. He began reading the incorrect passage and the pastor just whispered in his hear that he needed to read chapter 11 instead and with out missing a beat he began to read the correct passage. It was loud and clear and he received lots of compliments on his composure. We are so proud. Sometimes I think our children can read the message with more feeling and emotion than many of our church elders. How sad.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Video of the butter making

Making Butter

I started this endeavor at about 1:00pm. I put my cream in a glass jar and began to shake and shake and shake. Then Ansir shook and so did Tim. Then we got out the mixer and we mixed. I did not know how much work it is to make butter out of fresh cream as apposed to store bought cream. Any way at about 5:30 the butter formed. Isn't it pretty?

Then I added some salt.

Put it in a baby food container.It works great as a butter mold.

And here is the final product! Yummy it isn't much but it was worth it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fresh from the cow!

This is a new adventure for our family. We decided to buy milk from the farmer just up the road. I wasn't sure how I would like it. But surprisingly it went down pretty well. It is really good on cereal. my son was even a good sport He tried some a while back at his uncle Austins house and dint care for it at all. However he decided it tasted pretty good yesterday when he tried it agin. We found two of these old jars at a flea market and decided they would be perfect for holding the creamy white stuff. We cant wait to make ice cream with the fresh cream. yum yum. We can get it $2 cheaper than buying it at the store. I am all for bargains. Right now it is a novelty in our house but I am sure we will adjust and it will become the norm. My sister told me they were also buying milk from a farmer. Thank you for the idea.

This jar is just a spaghetti sauce jar not an old blue ball mason jar. Tim said that Glass Jars keep the milk fresher longer.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tag I am it.

Eight things you may not know about me .

1. I almost quit my job two years ago. The class was very difficult and they made me cry every day. I could have walked away from school at Christmas and never looked back. However the Lord gave me the strength to make it though.

2. Being a foster parent is a calling I didn't think I had until five years ago. It has been the best experience of my life. The most difficult but the best.

3. I cry during most Sunday services. Especially communion Sundays. It is so awesome that God loved me enough to send his son to die for me. Not just me but all who believe. Even the tiny children whom I care for. It also reminds me that God will never give me more than I can handle.

4. I fall in love with each one of my students, each year. There for I cry like baby when a student leaves or at the end of the year. I find that the most difficult children are the hardest to let go.

5. I secretly want to take dance lessons like my son. I think it would be awesome to preform in front of an audience.

6. When I grow up I want to be a professional singer either Country or Christian. I think it would be a blast to go on American Idol but I am afraid I would cry when Simon criticized me.

7. I don't take criticism well. Even if it is constructive. I always feel as though I have failed at what ever I was doing.

8. I am scared to death of being a Pastors wife. (My husbands dream is to become a pastor) What if I'm not good enough.

So there you have it. I am an emotional roller coaster that is very unpredictable.

I tag My loving husband Tim.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

She Is Gone

Our little girl that we had has gone back to her full time foster parents. They came and got her around 6pm tonight. I was glad to see her go back to her foster mom. She had missed her greatly these last two weeks. I know that she is loved there and that they are great parents to her. I am glad to have had the experience of taking care of two of Gods little children. I pray that God will watch over these little ones in their time of need. We still have the little boy who seems to be glad to be the center of our attention again. However Rosco the dog still has issues when it comes to sharing us with the baby. These past two weeks they stole his toys, pulled his ears and tried to eat all of his dog food. I guess I can see his frustration. He is gentile with the babies never biting or hurting them. I even caught him playing a game of tug of war with the little girl. She had one end of his yellow bo-bo while he had the other. I'm not sure who won the game.

This is Bo-Bo
This is Rosco tiring to stay out of the babies reach. This is difficult because they are starting to pull them selves up on the furniture.

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Toys

We went to Verizion to pay our phone bill and Tim decided it was time for me to get a new phone. mine still worked but the battery was taped on and it didn't stay charged very long. the idea was for me to get his old phone while he got a new one. But I got one instead. I really liked this one because it has a MP3 player built in. I can also take videos and really good pictures. I feel like one of the teenagers who are so cool with their phones. It's my very first NEW phone in years. This is the Chocolate phone by LG. Mine is red. I probably spent too much money but its nice to be pampered once and a while.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

We have had two cranky babies on our hands this week. The little girl cut 3 teeth this week. I think I would be crabby too. And I haven't found any new ones in the little boy but he is drooling and chewing on everything. I have found that frozen waffles work great and they occupy their mouths for a good 15 minutes. I have the cutest pictures of them but unfortunately I am unable to share them with you. So close your eyes and imagine two babies with dark tan skin chewing on a waffle. Don't forget the little boy is quite a chunk. I thank my friends Ann and Hope for the Waffle idea. Thats not all that occurred with teeth this week. Ansir also lost a tooth and has another loose one that I am sure will soon come out.

Monday, July 02, 2007

On The Move

Both of my little ones are crawling now. That means NOTHING is safe. He started crawling on Wednesday and She started crawling yesterday. Oh what fun. He has it down pat and is quite quick. She is still figuring it out but can get where she wants to go. What a huge blessing they have been to our family.