Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Foster Care

Over the past 7 years or so my husband and I have been foster parents. We have had the privilege of hosting 17 beautiful children in our home over the years. Children whom we pray for continually as they continue through life journey. We do not hear how they are doing once they have left our home but the Lord knows their needs. While the children are in our home they have the opportunity to hear about the Lord Jesus Christ and what he did for them on the cross. They learn songs like Jesus Loves Me and they also learn how to pray. One of our last little ones loved prayer time and she could pray like no other. Her prayers went on for a good five or ten minutes. And even though we only understood bits and pieces of her prayer I know that her Father in heaven caught every word.  What a privilege to teach these young kids about God.

Many people ask me how on earth can you be a foster mom? Isn't it hard to send them back home? I don't think I could ever do that! Well my answers are as follows. I can only be a foster mom by the strength my heavenly Father gives me to do so. The comfort he gives me when I must grieve after they go home and the hope he places in my heart of getting to help, teach, care for and comfort more of His children. I remind my self that these children did't ask to be placed in this situation and the still need all of the love and care that I am able to provide. So why not me? If I don't do it who will? I discovered this week that ND has a huge shortage of foster care providers in many counties. If you think that you might be able to open your home to a child or two or three or four :) please contact your local Social Services department and ask about taking the PRIDE class. You will know if you are able to do it after completing this class. When Tim first came home and told me we should think about becoming foster-parents my response was the same once I listed above. But once I took the class I knew this was in Gods plan for me. Yes it is hard, it is sad and sometimes you will even get mad at the authorities who send the kids home even when the social workers Suggest that no they shouldn't go. But you will have made a difference to that child or children who were in your care for a day or a year depending on their situation.

So think about it! Pray About IT!

Sing Praises to your King!