Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our sons 11th Birthday

Our son turned 11 last weekend. There was no party no presents and no cake with candles to blow out. You see the flu spread through our family like wild fire. It started with my son who got buy with hardly any symptoms I might add. Then it jumped to me and attacked with vengeance as I was in bed for 4 days. Finally it hit Tim. We had to call and cancel his party and he couldn't even see his Nana and Papa who so desperately wanted to come and celebrate. But My son never complained and was a great help to his sick mother.

We asked all of his friends to join us this weekend and joyfully all but one said they could. They played a wonderful game called Imagine if. They had to imagine if one of them were something like a fruit what would they be? Then it gives 6 choices and they children pick the one that best describes the child. The answer with the most votes wins and they get to move one space forward. As you can imagine there were fits of laughter at some of the situations.

After the children played the game, ate popcorn and drank pop they went out side to play. Then it was time for them to decorate their cupcakes. Yum Yum, My son had wanted strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and since the party was so close to valentines day he thought pink hearts were in order. However a week later it seemed odd but the kids loved the idea.

Finally it was time to open presents. His friends know him well. Books about the ocean, dinosaurs and boardgames are a perfect match for this young man. He was just excited to have his friends in his home playing with him. Who ever said you need to go somewhere exciting and expensive to have a great memorable birthday party was mistaken. All that is needed is a loving mother, an inviting home and cake to make a child's eyes light up. This was by far my favorite birthday party.

Our Son The Basket Ball Player

Here are some pictures of my son playing Basket ball. The picture is a little fuzzy but you can still see his handsome face. He has enjoyed playing on the Zion team with all of his friends. They may not win many games but the experience they recieve is great. My sons greatest fan was Nana and Papa who attended most of his home games. My son even had his aunt and cousins frome NE watch games and his aunt and uncle from MT. I pray he knows how special h is to our family.