Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our home in ND

Here are some pictures of our new home.

This was the living room but it has been changed into the dining room.

As yo can see there are still couches in it.

Here is the very narrow kitchen. Only one at a time please or else there will be a traffic jam.

Here is my accent oven. It works very well and I kind of like having above the stove.

This is my sons room. Wow it actually looks clean!

Here is the laundry room. This room will one day be an extra bathroom.

As you can see our current bathroom is a little small. But it works just fine.

This is our bedroom it is large enough to have a king size bed in it.

This is the front of the house I have since planted flowers in front of the lilac bush.

This is a side shot where you can see how big the yard is and the garage is.

Tim and Josh Love this part of the house. The garage is bigger than the house.

This is the back of the house. It has a deck but you must be careful. I feel in. Some of the boards are rotting away and a new one needs to be built.

Our living room has been moved downstairs. I actually like it down there. I find I watch far less TV than I used to and spend more time reading playing on face book, updating my blog oh yea and working out.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I have these two friends Dawn and Sarah who have been trying to get me to go with them to see their hair dresser for about two years or so. Now this is not just any hair dresser for you see when these two women come back from seeing her their hair is a work of art often donning wild colors like pink and purple. Well since I was moving I figured I would through caution to the wind and try her. Here is my story. There were 10 women in Sarah's house waiting to get their hair done. I think we were there until at least midnight. It was like a hair marathon.

This is the before picture with my long flowing locks. Wasn't it a pretty sight!
This is a picture of the first stage cutting off some of the length. The girls kept asking if i was O.K.! Gee I wonder why?

Next came the color. Am I attractive in tinfoil or what! The girls kept saying things like hey I didn't think she wanted pink! They sure thought it was funny!

O.K. It is almost done. Now we are styling it. I was so nervous. Tim didn't know what I was up to. In fact no one knew except my son who was playing with Sarah's daughter.

Here is the final product. If you click on the picture it will get very big and you can see it a little better. I had blond highlights put in for something different.

This is the back of my hair. As you can see the length is very different and it is layered. I however don't style my hair like this i like to wear it curly. I can also still wear pigtails, pony tails an braids, although they are much shorter and bouncier than they once were.
Now I want you to vote on weather you like the new style or the old style. So look for the poll and give your two sense worth.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fort Union

This weekend we went to Ft. Union for a Rendezvous. We were able to see what life was like in the 1800 when Fur Trade was the way of life for many men.

When we were walking around we stumbled upon this poor frozen little critter. Can you guess why he was there?

He was the volunteer for a skinning demonstration.

This lady was very skilled with a homemade knife. She clean skinned this critter in no time flat.

Oh, man doesn't that look Gross? There were about 5 boys that thought this was so cool. they had a hundred questions. Oh and in case you were wondering no my son was not one of them . he couldn't wait to leave. I don't think he would have survived back then. No TV and no Game System.

Here she is showing us his foot. We also got to touch the tail and smell the oil.

This little guy was a brave, eager volunteer who also got to walk around and show everyone the foot.
Here is a cannon from up in the tower.

Anther shot of the cannon.

Here is my son trying to escape through the trap door.

This is the beautiful view of the river from the tower.

The inside of one of the Indian tipi's.

Here the cook is adding spices to the stew he was making. isn't that a huge cast iron pot?

These are some snapshots of the sleeping quarters that the people were staying in for the weekend. It looked fun. You can see the difference between he fur traders and the native peoples quarters.

These two gentelmen were entertaining the crowds with their musical talents. The man in the white was playing the fiddle and the other was playing the washboard.

He was very good at playing this instrument. He had awesome rhythm.

This is the fire place inside the meeting room.

Here is my son ever so excited to be standing in front of a Ti pi.

The next few pictures are of the two blacksmiths that were working on making things. This smithy was in training I think.

This is the more seasoned worker.

Here is a boat that would have been used to navigate the river.

They also had a potter doing demonstrations with is manual wheel. It was interesting to watch.

Incase you havent figured it out by now, I love history especially the 1800's when the land was wild and the wagon trains were crossing the prairies headed west. Sometimes I like to immagine what it would have been like to live during that time. It was a hard life that was only guided by the Lord. Where many people looked to him for guidance, safety and refuge.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Courting Candle

We went to Fort Union this weekend and I found this beautiful, unique candle holder. There is a delightful history to this candle. A father would set the candle on the porch and tell the couple that when the candle burned down to the top of its holder, the young man must go home. If a father (or the girl) did not care for the suitor, the candle would be lowered. On the other hand a favored suitor would have the candle raised to its highest level. We were teasing Josh and we told him we would light if for him if he found a girl.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The House is Packed an It is Time to Go!

I currently have nothing left in my house except our cloths, the TV and some kitchen stuff. I am sleeping on the Couch (it was here when we got here) until we leave. We are heading to ND on Friday after VBS. I tried to fit everything in the van however discovered there just was not enough room. So I had to take some stuff to the storage shed. It has been strange living with out my things. Yet now that I know I can I wonder why we have to have so much stuff. I packed and packed and packed away lots of things that are now in Storage. I wonder will I miss them? Or will I forget all about it. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to go back to the basics. Tell me what you think in my Survey to the right. I have decided that I miss seeing all of my crosses and my grandpas praying hands hanging on my wall the most!