Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gardening a Family Event!

Tim brought some of the top soil (that we removed from the area where our brick patio will be) over to the garden area.

After the top soil was brought over tim started the daunting job of tilling the very hard prairie.

It took about two hours to till the garden. We will need to till it again before we plant and we may even bring in some manure to help fertilize the land.
As you can see the whole family helped!

Ansir and I were the rock pickers. It is amazing how many rocks one garden has. Hopefully next year will be easier to till and have fewer rocks to be picked.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Flower Pot or Little Girl Pot?

I have been trying to think of a use for the flower pot between my kitchen and living room. At first I thought flowers. But then....

My niece showed me a more practical use!

This way she can watch Ansir do the dishes and play in the soapy water at the same time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New kitchen lights

While the lights in our kitchen were bright they were very temperamental so we decided to finally get rid of them and replace them with new lights.

We purchased two of these lights for the kitchen area. They are pretty but not quite as bright as the others. We only have 60w bulbs in them and I am thinking if we changed to 100w they would be brighter.
We are also considering some tract lighting for different areas in the kitchen to provide more lighting in the high work areas.

This light is in the dining room. It is larger than the other lights and gives a warm glow. It also is not quite as bright as the other lights we had but hey. It turns on and that is worth more than the brightness the others gave when they finally decided they would grace us with turning on.

We kept with the silver accents on the lights so that they would continue to match the silver accents on our counters.

The City beneath Haver, MT.

These awesome shelves were part of a pharmacy. There were many unique items on these shelves.

As you can see some of the staples of the day included heroin and opium.

This is the smiths shop.

Bootlegging was popular during the early days and this is one of the stills that would have been used to create their moonshine!

This is the funeral parlor. I found it interesting that the caskets you see on the left were used to pick up the bodies and were made out of wicker. I also found it interesting that the undertakers used to cary stethoscope because often a person was presumed dead when their heart actually was beating.

These wedding dresses were very small and are thought to have been worn by girls between the ages of 12 & 16. Times called for girls to marry at such a young age as the life expectancy was not as long as it is today.

This is a bakery and if you look towards the back of the room you can make out the oven. Apparently neighbors loved the bakery in the winter but not so much in the summer.

This is the brothel beneath the streets. There was a secret tunnel that connected the brothel and the hotel. Many people in Haver did not even know that it existed.

Apparently this bar was one of the rowdiest bars in town.

An early dentist office.

This is how the underground town was lit. These glass plates were placed into the sidewalk and allowed the light to penetrate through to underneath the streets. I was suprised at how bright it was.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My 1st Knitting Project!

I started knitting this scarf about two weeks ago.

As you can see it turned out pretty well but I do not know why the pattern switched. the colors seemed more blended in the beginning then split into sections towards the end. Perhaps I twisted it the wrong way on accident.

Ansir was excited and claimed it as his own! So I made him model it for me. My next project will be a shoulder drape or a shall that I can drape over my shoulders while sitting in my recliner. I am hoping to eventually make a little dog sweater for my little Rosco.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Rocky Mountains

We traveled across Montana recently and we were able to see parts of Glacier National Park. I know that I have seen it before but I was so little I can not remember it.

This is the entrance to the park. We drove in a short ways but roads were closed due to snow so we mainly stayed on hwy 2 as we crossed the mountains.

These are some pictures of the mountains as we were approaching them. I love the picture with the train.

Tim said this bridge used to have a sign on it but it has since been removed. I love traveling some place where he has already been because then he can point out different sights and tell stories of his childhood.

There were many beautiful frozen waterfalls.

It was foggy so that added to the mysteriousness of the landscape.

If you look just above the trees before the mountain shoots upward you can see a thick blanket of fog.

This is the Continental divide landmark with the Rocky Mountains in the back ground.

This is the Goat Lick. Tim said that when they were kids they used to drive down there and hike to the lick and watch the mountain goats on balance on the steep slope while they liked the salty minerals in the rock.

Tim Is filling his thermos from a spring. He was very excited to show us this special place. It reminded me of when dad took us to W.VA. and we stopped beside the HWY to get a drink from a spring and pick fresh black berries. What memories!

Ansir tasted the water and made the comment, "it tastes like water"! Kids they just don't quite get it.

Even Rosco had to taste the delicious spring water.

In the summer the spring flows through this stone structure.

I was totally amazed with how blue the water was. When you looked at the flowing river you could also see this brilliant blue color. God is so Amazing!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Little Town Alamo

Welcome to Alamo, ND

This is the little post office in town. The post master is always ready to greet you with a smile. He also watches out for our kitten when she climbs the big tree in front of the office.

This is the old school house in town. It closed down about 5 years ago and now two brothers run use it as a welding shop.

These are some yard decorations that one of Alamo's residents has in their yard.

You never know what you will discover when you are walking around town. This old washer was sitting behind some abandoned houses.

This is the beautiful Church bell that hangs in front of the little white church.

This is the little white church.

This old wagon sits just adjacent to our house in front of our neighbors garden.

I thought this was a unique picture. This is located right by the fire hall.

This is the volunteer fire department. I hear that in conjunction with neighboring towns there are 70 volunteers.

This is an old safe.

This is town hall.

The senior citizen center. Each tuesday is a busy day in Alamo as all the seniors gather for food and fun. There are on average between 10 and 35 people who are in attendance.

The play ground.

This is the town hotel. At one time this town was hopping with a hotel and 5 bars. there was even a gas station. Now this hotel has been turned into a house and all the bars are closed and falling down.

This is the grain elevator it is still running strong.

So now you know about our little town. While it is small we absolutely love living here. Feel free to experience small town life and come on over for a visit!