Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Stove???

For those who don't know this is my stove. Well that is until today. Josh's dad brought us a new gas stove.

My old stove was in sad shape. Only two of the burners worked and they only had one setting HIGH!

Here is Josh making some adjustments on the new stove! What did you say? It's not new?

Nope your right. You see there is something about Montana cowboys that shouts rugged! It spills over int all aspects of their lives right down to their stove.

Here he is adjusting the flame levels! Nope he didn't get burned and no one blew up!

The guy laying on the floor is Joshes dad. They worked hard to make sure the stove was ready in time for me to cook lunch!

Although it is an old stove it worked very well. I can use all 4 burners at the same time and adjust the heat! Apparently Joshes dad has two of them at home and he said they work wonderful. Now here is something you may not know. This is also a coal or wood burning stove as well. You put the fuel in the left side of the stove and it can heat the house. We don't have the pipes in place for that part of the stove yet but hopefully they will before the first snow!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun out on the range!

Our friend, house mate, landlord took us horse back riding not so long ago. We had a fabulous time!This is one of the beautiful horses in the pasture. Not all of the horses are Joshes he only owns 4 out of the lot.

I think these horses are so beautiful. I could hang with them all day!

I saw some pics. of a horses eye and thought I would try but they didn't want to hold still. So this is the best I could get.

This is my son brushing the horse. The horses name is Leo.

Ansir loves to go out and play with the horses even if they decide to run while he is riding.

Here is our beloved horse man. Josh teaches us about horsemanship when time allows for us to all go ride the horses.

Josh certainly knows how to handle a horse and ladies he is single!

So if you enjoy horses he is the man for you. Not to mention that he is also a God fearing man.

While we were trying to get comfortable with and old veteran Leo. Josh was attempting to train a newbie.

This is me loving on Leo.

And this is Tim after he showed Leo who was boss. I wish I would have had better picture of Tim fighting with the horse. I thought it was going to throw him! Even with a few mishaps like a broken saddle and a torn down fence we had a great time. I can't wait to go riding again!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Our Church has a wonderful mission that they provide.

They have a group of people that meet every Tuesday to create Braille books for the blind. These books are sent all over the world in order that the blind might read the Word of God.

These are the metal plates that are used to create the imprints of the little dots that make up the Braille language. First we must put the paper in between the two metal plates .

Then they are all lined up in numerical order so that they can be put through the press.

This is Dianne she is putting the paper in the plates.

Here I am I am also a paper placer.

These two ladies are putting the plates into the wooden cover that will be sent through the press.

Their names are Lois and Deloris.

Here is my son. His job is to push the plate through the press. Well actually the press pulls the plate from his hands.

He wanted me to take a picture of each part of the process so here they are. This is him placing the plate into the press.

Here is the press taking the plate from him.

Ok once the plates have been pressed this nice lady takes the papers from the plates and stacks them neatly. Her name is Eunice.

Once the paper has been removed from the plates they are handed over to Bertha. She punches holes into the papers so that they can be bound. This woman is quite funny and has just turned 80. (I think)

Bertha then passes the papers on to Luella who then binds the entire book together.

Now we have Barb. She is the woman in charge of the entire operation. Here she is "reading" the book to see if there are any errors.

And this is Barb preparing new plates for use.

This is a special gentleman who enjoys helping with Braille. His name is Rick and he is in charge of making sure the plates keep moving down the line. He is also quick to spot a misplaced paper.

There are many other women who help with this process but were not in attendance this week. When we are working quickly we can make 9 books before coffee time! Oh yes you didn't think we Lutheran women got together for work and didn't stop for coffee did you? I would like to encourage my readers to check into their churches to see if they also participate in this mission or if there is another church in your area that does. They are always in need of new people willing to help! Keep this mission and these men and women in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Puppy and 35 Newspapers

My son has recently started delivering papers for our local newspaper. He really enjoys this job and cant wait for his first pay check. We had to get a sub carrier this weekend as we traveled to Niagra to celebrate my Grandpas 90th birthday. While we were gone the paper was delivered into the yard around 1AM. Now mind you we have a 8 mo old puppy who lives in this yard. He loves to chew and tear any thing he can. So when the papers were delivered he was in heaven. I am told that when the young lady who was doing our rout showed up to the house there were papers strewn all over the yard. I am sure she was beside her self and close to tears as this was the first time she has taken over our rout and she will be doing it again for 9 days as we travel to NE to celebrate new Baker baby #5. I guess they were able to salvage 15 papers but had to purchase 20 from the gas station. I felt terrible. We had been in contact with the supervisor of the paper routs asking that they deliver the papers in a black box that Pete can't tear up or get into. The week day deliveries were being placed in the box so we figured that things were good. However the message didn't get to the Sunday delivery person and he or she just tossed them into the yard. I have since contacted the paper and he assured me it wouldn't happen again and we would be reimbursed for the papers that had to be purchased. I wish I could have taken a picture however even if I would have been around I would have been to flustered to remember to grab the camera to take a picture. We do however however still have remains of the torn papers in our yard.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

August Updates!

O.K., I know I haven't updated in a while. I can hardly believe how fast August has gone by. I'll try to get you up to speed with the happenings here in N.D. Well my son and I went to NE to spend a week with my sister the Lutheran Hen her chicks and my parents not to mention some great family friends. Her house was packed to the brim with visitors! What fun we all had. We did many activities together like baking cookies, cakes, worshiping God in the mornings, swimming, going to the fair and going to the baptism of the daughter of a very special friend. I am very blessed to have been able to take this trip. I will try to post a picture album so that you can see the many memories that we created.

I have also discovered how busy a house wife and homeschooling mother can be. Or as a friend of mine put it a Domestic Engineer! It sounds more professional don't you think? We have school from about 8:00-1:30 or so depending on how fast someone works. We also take breaks for lunch and on MWF we take a brake for swimming. I also spend a lot of time cooking and doing laundry. It has been a change going from 4 washers and dryers to just one! I actually have to do a load a day or so. I have been working out regularly at the local Any Time Fitness. I am hoping to get into better shape that I have been for the last few years. I also volunteer at the church. We make braille books for the blind. This has been educational for my son who also comes to help. I hope to take pictures and explain the process to you. My son has also started swimming lessons two days a week and we are hoping to get into the 4-h program soon. This month I will also start teaching Sunday School and leading the opening music. This means I have picked up my guitar again and have started practicing some of the easier songs we can use for Sunday School like: Jesus Loves Me, The Benediction, Jesus Loves the Little Children. etc. My son has also started Conformation this year. He is excited to learn what he can fro our dear pastor. Well we are off to collect moss and to return books to the library so I best leave you with one thought!

When the Lord closes a door he always opens a window. I believe this came from the Sound of Music.