Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 3 At The Zoo

On Day three we went to the Zoo.

D'man found a peacock that almost let him touch it.

A beautiful camel was giving rides however we opted out doing so.

The kids had a blast feeding the Animals. Thank you Ansir for being generous with your quarters.

Lady Shay was giving some love pats to the calf.

This goat kept head butting Lady Shay who laughed each time.

The goats ate out of their hands so gently.

We all rode the carousel.

Even Ansir who thought he was too big to ride decided to hop on.

Lady Shay just loved the tortus. She was talking to it and giggling. Perhaps they understood each other.

Ansir lovingly held Lady Shay up to see the animals.

Waiting for the train.

Riding the Train

Lady shay trying to push her sroller. She did good until she took a stumble. Then that was the end of the stroller.

A beautiful tiger was sunning himslef in perfact view for the patrons.

An interactive video for the kids to be in.

The zoo also had agreat Taxidermy museam telling aobut all the differnt animals and their habitiats.

Monday, July 27, 2009


The hotel had an Awesome pool for the kids. There was a huge Pirate ship with slides and water spurting from several spouts.The kids had a fabulous time playing in the pool. We were able to go swimming every day that we were there.

Lady shay ruled the pool with everyone jumping at her every whim.

Here is Ansir teaching Lady Shay how to go down the slide.

She found this horse on the first day that we were at the pool. No one calmed it as theirs so she did. In fact she wouldn't let anyone else use it. She would take it to the top of the slide and slide it down then she would come down after it. It was her best friend.

D'Man really enjoyed the big slide. He would race down it as fast as he could each time with a gigantic smile on his face.

As you can tell my big boy was the same way. He was such a good helper keeping an eye on the kidos at the pool. I can't believe how he is growing up.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Falls Park Light Show (night time Day 2)

At about 9:30pm Falls Park presents their light show. So we thought we hadn't done enough stuff in one day so away we went.

This is a good picture of Ann and her kidos

I found it extreamly difficult to take pictures of the falls at night. They all turned out blurry but you can still see how pretty they were.
They changed the colors to draw extra attention their majestic beauty.

Again blurry but you can see the variety of lighting they used.

They also had a lazer show that told the story of the founding of Sioux Falls. It was interesting and the kids liked the pictures.

These were also hard to take a picture of but these two were the clearest ones.
By the time the show ended at 10:30pm we were all tired and ready for bed. So back to the hotel we went. Join me again tomorrow for another installment of our Sioux Falls Adventure!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2 (afternoon)

After we finished with the science center we found the Japanese Gardens by the river. If you want some cute pictures with awesome backgrounds you must visit this place.

Here are the children sitting with a bamboo background. I must say they were all troopers pausing for a few moments each time I said I want a picture.

Ok! So I have discovered why my mother takes 3 or 4 of each pose when she is taking pictures. As you can see on try #1 Ansir has his eyes closed.

So I laughed, made a comment about his eyes being closed and took another picture. As you can clearly see Lady Shay thought I wanted her to close her eyes.

Third times a charm right? Wrong. Now the pesky leaf got in the way. But that didn't stop D'man from smiling. By this time they had had it with this picture. So alas no good shot was taken. Perhaps next year!

Lady Shay was intrigued with this post.

No the kids are pretending they are in jail!
Help let us out!

Lady Shay was playing a great game of can you find me? I am hiding!

Ansir was such a big help on our trip with keeping track of the little ones and helping them see the hard to see things. The kids miss him as he misses them.

I love this picture of the little ones peeking from behind the pillers while Ansir sits in the middle.

I am always on the hunt for a great pose for Ansir's next school picture. So he must endure my staging. I really like his smile on this one.

This one turned out much better than that other picture of the three. As you can tell most of them have a great smile or at least a partial smile.

They did have a play ground but this was the only picture that I took. What a great day to hang in the park.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 2 (in the moring)

We wasted no time when it came to playing tourist. Our first stop was the Kirby Science Discovery Center . The kids had a fabulous time and there was something for everyone to explore.

Here we are at the beginning of our adventure. Jut look at the smiles on the kids faces. They are full of excitement, curiosity and energy. Did I say energy? Good just making sure yo get the full effect of our day.

Thank goodness for the climbing wall it helped use up some of their energy.

Here is D'man seeing how high he can climb.

Lady shay thought she should ride the bike but discovered it was better for climbing on due to the shortness of her legs.

The boys raced wheelchairs int he virtuil Paralympics.

Dance dance reveloution was fun for all the kids. They each got their groove on.

Lady Shay got down to busness playing the giant piano.

This was the touchable tornado. Lady shay thought she should stand on it.

Ansir is trying to fix something usings big gloves like the astronauts used to.

Ansir sure looks good in this astronaut suit. Perhaps this a glimps into his future.

This macheen allowed a person to feel what a tornado would feel like with out the danger of being hurt. Ansir thought it was cool. D'man wanted to try but I thought he was kinda small and would have been blown into the glass wall. Maybe next year.

D'man's favorite thing was the hanggliding simulater. He did a good job and didn't even crash.

A virtual marble game.

A step back in time with the wagon.

Here is the final picutre as you can see the smiles are gone, their stomaches were rumbling and they needed some rest and relaxation. So off to a quiet park to rest we went. I have pictures of the park that I will post next time. So untill then Never stop exploring all the things God has created.