Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Lost has Been Found and Other Silly Tales!

We ventureed back to the place of the lost glasses and to our surprise they were still there. They were not broken only a few small scratches. A small price to pay for fun I suppose. My son was so excited because he said he prayed to God that he would find them and wala there they were. Perhaps he will remember to take them off next time he is playing so hard.

Other Silly Tales!

I've heard about sleeping with your dog, sleeping with you cat even sleeping with your stuffed animals. But I have never heard of sleeping with your hamster. You heard me right I said hamster. I peeked in on my son last night and right next to him on his bed sat his hamster cage. I should have taken a picture but I wasn't thinking. Well to his surprise guess what was missing this morning? You got it. I awoke to loud noises coming from his room. He was desperately searching for his hamster. Well before long she was caught and it was agreed upon that he would not sleep with her again.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Water Fun = Lost Glasses

My 12 year old son discovered a rope hanging from a tree today. It was hanging over Rapid Creek. ( Is any one thinking Bridge To Terabithia.?) He had a blast playing on on this rope trying to make it across the stream. I know he was having fun because he proceeded to yell across the soft ball field that he got his underwear wet! What a proud moment for me! I had asked him to please get out of the water so that he could dry and well lets just say it was to tempting to stay out! As he wt as waiding/swimming across the stream his glasses mysteriously disappeared into the water! This however did not go over too well with me. They are not cheep to replace. Thank goodness I thought to have his old pair fitted with his prescription as a spare. Non the less I was still not pleased with the situation! I had him venture into the water once again and feel the bottom of the stream for his glasses. He even had several of our church members trying to help. It was decided that we might want to try again tomorrow when the stream was clearer and the sun was over head. I hope we find them however I am afraid that even if we do they will be destroyed! Being a mother of a 12 year old is not an easy thing. Please pray for patients and understanding as I go through this new tweenage stage!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Endevours!

My son has just signed up for 4-H. I am excited about this new experience. Our son will be working on several projects. I think I am most excited about the Dog Training. I pray that this will help him learn how to act around Rosco and how to better care for our beloved family pet. He will also be completing projects in writing and public speaking, computers and technology and community service. We have our first meeting this Friday! I pray that he will learn some valuable by being a member of this organization.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rain Forest

Each year I enjoy transforming my classroom into a rainforest. The kids have a great time making the tree. I even put green tissue paper in the lights so that it looks like we are living on the forest floor. We used paper bags to make the vines and a wardrobe box to make the tree trunk. Here is a tip.. If you tape the box to the floor it will stay upright. I know it seems like a silly thing but it took me 5 years to figure it out. Also paint out side if possible or the janitor gets a little cranky.Here is a picture of the kids painting a Rain forest Mural.
First they had to trace the picture from the Promethean board to the big paper. We got the idea from Jan Brett

Each of the children had the chance to add their special touch to the forest.
I'll try to add pictures when it is officially done. The kids are currently painting the animals that will live in the Rain forest.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey!

Tim turned the big 30 on the 3rd of April. He never likes to celebrate his birthday. I don't quiet get why? Shouldn't we celebrate what God has created? Well if you know my family we don't lets such days go by with out some notice. So my parents came over for a dinner of Cabbage Rolls. :( Not my favorite dish. We had a great time and as you can see the birthday boy even smiled for the camera.

At the last minute I decided to pick up this D.Q. Cake. isn't it cute with the race car on it. If you take notice to the first picture Tim dressed appropriately for the occasion. He is wearing a Nascar shirt. So Tim although you would rather not be noticed I assure you that you are! We are grateful that the Lord has placed you in our lives for with out you we would not be where we are today!

Medieval Fun!

Yesterday I took my son and a family friend to the Dahl Fine Arts Center. They were hosting a special artist Darrell Sweet. He illustrates fantasy pictures. They are way cool. Lots of dragons and castles. So you gusted it. It was right up my sons ally. They got to make their own swards and shields. Then the artist gave everyone who wanted to participate lessons on how to draw castles and dragons. The kids did a great job and had a great time. I am hopping to find other fun events through the year for him to attend.
This is a gift that my son received for Christmas about 4 years ago. This along with two swards/daggers that my dad made have been the most played with toys. They were loved very much. His swards have been broken from fighting the ground, trees and rocks. So now the great swards have been replaced with sticks. There is just something about seeing a boy, a sward and a sheathe made of a rope tied around his waist that makes great child hood memories.