Sunday, March 25, 2007

Easter is Almost Here

Easter is one of my favorite Holidays. After all this is the season we rejoice in knowing that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for our sins. How awesome is that. Here are a few of my Easter decorations. I love them even if Tim makes fun of them. I told him that they are church going God fearing bunnies. See there is even a church wit a Pastor.

Pooped Puppie

I Decided to go running today and ran two miles through the campground. Rosco decided to run with me. It was about 75 degrees out side today with the sun shining down on us. Very beautiful I might add. However it felt quite warm especially after our run. During the second mile Rosco was running from shade spot to shade spot trying to stay cool. When we got to the house this is what he looked like.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here are some more of the wonderful creations from my first graders. The little girl that made the sheep said that it took forever to glue all of the cotton balls on .

The ducks were also a fun activity the little girl was so proud she couldn't wait to describe how they were made. The pond was made with play dough and grass.

You can defenatly
tell the fence was created by a 6 year old.
Isn't that the cutest pig?

My Little Farm Created by Little Hands

We recently had a cultural fair at school. I decided to have my students create their own farm. Each child created a different piece. As you can tell some of the students had creative parents. The students were so excited to show their creations to their classmates.

I hop you enjoy these wonderful projects as much as I did.

Check out this awesome bale of hay.

The little girl who made this chicken barn was very proud of her rainbow paint job.
The little boy who created the field said that at one point while creating the trees his fingers were glued together.

My Birthday Suprise!

My Students surprised me with this beautiful rainbow cake on my birthday. They tried to be sneaky but alas they were not! I loved the surprise any way. As you can see the picture was an after thought. 6 of the cupcakes had already been handed out! They were delicious.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Ski Trip

Today was Ski day for our school. Each year during Lutheran Schools Week we take our 3-5Th graders skiing. Ansir did such an awesome job. He took the beginners course and learned how to snow plow. As you can see he has that move mastered.

Here is another picture of Ansir skiing. I tried to get him to ride the Puma lift with me but he said no. He was just content to walk half way up the mountain and start from there. He would come down the mountain quite fast. I am so proud of his accomplishment. We even tried racing. What a fun day.

Here is Ansir showing his approval of his skiing ability. Several of the children in his class would take the march up the hill with him. They would then carefully snap on their skies and on occasion one ski would escape them and travel down the mountain with out them. But not to be discouraged they would catch the ski, snap it in place and share a leisurely ride down the hill.

Some of you might be asking how mom fared? Well i am a little sore but I too had a blast. I started in the beginner course with the kids and finally convinced some of them to ride the lift with me. We enjoyed practicing our turns and snowplows down the mountain. Then before we went home one of my friends father-in-laws took me up to the bigger hills. I was scared but he is a great teacher. He showed me how to work my skis so that they cut threw the snow instead of pushing the snow. I hadn't fallen until this point. Once at the top of the chair lift I fell face first getting off the lift. Then on the way down I did well until it turned steep then I took it very slow. When I started trying to cut with my skis I fell. Not once not twice but at least 3 or 4 times. So now a hot bath calls my aching muscles and joints. So I bid you all fare well.

PS. They trip and pains are well worth the experience I shared with my son and his friends!


We had such beautiful weather this week I couldn't stand to be inside. I decided this would be as good a time as any to start running again. I impressed myself by running a mile with out stopping on the very first day. I continued with a mile the second day then I had to skip a day due to very windy weather. I hate running in the wind. Then the third day I ran from our school to my parents house. It is about 3 miles. I again impressed my self by doing it in about a half hour. For me that is good. I pray I can continue the regiment. I am tired of being tired and to large for my cute clothes. Lord willing by this summer Ansir, Tim and I will be able to go hiking without becoming breathless.