Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks Giving Dinner!

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner and of course we had way too much food.

Here is a picture of some of the food that we devoured. I was shocked when everyone at the table said they were full. This is a very rare occasion in our house. Ansir and Josh could eat all day and never get full! They are always looking for seconds or thirds and on occasions fourths!

Josh, our friend bought sparkling grape juice much to Ansir's excitement!

Here is Ansir pouring his special drink!

He always thinks he is so very fancy! Too bad he had to drink it out of a big red cup. Just yesterday I found my wine glasses. Then he really would have felt fancy!

This is a picture of all who attended our dinner. First you can see Ansir then Tim next to him is Joshes friend Lisa. She is a delightful young lady who also has a precious dauhter. (she was napping during dinner) And finally Josh is in the white shirt.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks With a Greatful Heart!

All to often we find our selves caught up in wanting more or something differnet than what we have. We forget to be content with what we have. This also means we forget to Give Thanks to our Father The Creator. Today while sitting in church we were reminded that being content and giving thanks is not someting that comes easy for us. Peter says that he too had to learn how to be content in Philippians 4:11-13 I am not saying this becuase I am in need, for i hve learned to be content what ever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need and I have known what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation Wether well fed or hungry, wether livingn plenty or in want. I can do everything though him who gives me strength." If we trust the Lord he will fill our every need no mater how big or little. So in lite of this I give thanks for the many blessings God has given me.

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. That my family is now living under the same roof
  4. Good Friends
  5. A Home
  6. Food
  7. Tim's Job
  8. The ability to stay at home and teach my son
  9. Pets
  10. That Tim's knee injury is not worse than it is
  11. New Tires
  12. A supportive Homeschool community
  13. My voice that I can share the good news of Saving Grace through song
  14. The ability to work with the children at church
  15. The braill workers at my church
  16. My pastor
  17. My church family Who made us feel at home from the first visit
  18. My parents who brought me up to know the Lord
  19. My sister who is a shining example of a loving mother and teacher of her children
  20. For the guest who will share our meal tomorrow
  21. For my nieces in MT who remind me of what a child like faith is all about!
  22. That Jesus loved me enough to die for my sins so that I might live for ever in Heaven with my Creator!
I know that there are many more blessings that I could share but God knows them all even the ones that I can not by my own reasoning remember or recoginize. so to this I say. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen Philippians 4:20

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Food!

I had a fun but busy and chaotic day today. This is the first time in about 7 years that I have not had to work the day before Thanksgiving. I took full advantage of the day and decided to bake all my pies and buns for tomorrows Holiday Feast. I began my day by preparing my bread dough for its long rising session. Two hours later I wasn't convinced that the yeast was working properly. So after talking with my mother I decided that I should start my oven and heat the house up some more. Finally I decided to punch down the dough and form it into buns. The dough never did rise as much as I thought it should.

I was impressed with the final results though. They smelled like buns, looked like buns and best of all they taste like buns.

I have been buying this Montana Wheat flour at the grocery store and I have started using it more than white flour. They sure turned out to be a nice golden brown.
While I was waiting for the buns to rise I decided to prepare my pies. First I made this pumpkin pie. I cheated this year and used canned pumpkin. Last year I used fresh. Hey it was on sale and I didn't have any extra pumpkins laying around.

I want to point out that the edge of the crust is braided. I was having fun being creative with the pie crust!

I have always seen fancy pies on TV and in Magazines and wanted to create on too. It was time consuming but fun.
Here is the apple pie I made. I decided that for this one I was going to make the crust that covers the apple into leaves.
Some of the leaves looked better than others but it again it was fun and I think it is very pleasing to the eye.

Now I must warn you if you get queasy do not look at the next picture!

Are you sure you want to look!

OK! I tried to warn you!

Tim came home last night witha deer. A guy at work was giving away the meat and so we decieded to take it and make roast, stew meat and jerkey out of it. I just had to take a picure of Ansir helping Tim. Tim was in the picture but stood up right before the picture took. Tonight I made one of the roasts. It was very tasty! So to start early I am thankful for the gentelman who gave us the deer. Even if he kept all the best parts for himself!

This is a picture of the jerkey baking! MMMM smells so good! I can't wait to try a piece! I don't think it will last very long around this house!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sweing project #4

I decided to create these wonderful potholders for the handles of all of my cast iron skillets. The handles get awful hot to handle them by them selves. This was a fun project and a great way to recycle some of Ansir's old jeans.

I created two different styles. The first style was to take a piece of denim and sew a rectangle pocket. I also used the seams to adorn both sides of the potholder. I padded the inside with an old worn out potholder that I already had. I would also like to point out the little stick with marshmallows on it. I found some cute buttons to decorate the potholder.

For the next potholder design I used one of the back pockets from the jeans. I cut the pocket out and stuffed the pocket with some of the grey fabric that I used from the lining of the dog coat. This keeps the heat from surging thgouth the material and burning my hand.

This is just another example of the second style.

Oops I guesstis one has already been used and gotten dirty. It has a slightly different shape to it than the others. I like having so many so that they can stay on the pans. then I don't alwasy have to be searching for the pan that is wearing it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Project # 3 Blujean Coat!

This my third attempt at sewing. I thinkit went pretty well. I discovered that jean material is a little tougher to sew through than felt.

I decided to be creative this time by adding a pocket. I used one that was already on the pants that I used for this project. (thanks to my son for out growing his jeans!) All I had to do is pin it in position and sew. Now he can carry his treats or a small toy with him where ever he goes.

I used elastic to help fasten the belly strap. I found those attached to the pants as well. The elastic had button holes in them so all I had to do was sew two buttons on the strap and WA LA it buttoned. I also had to cut a notch in the under strap to allow for his male parts. I don't want the material to get wet when he is doing his business.

I chose to sew the neck piece together instead of using buttons to fasten it. I like this as it is easy to slip over Rosco's head. I plan to put a red bone on the color to cover thee white seams. I think it will be a nice addition. I would also like to cut out his name and sew it to the back of the jacket. I am however at a stand still with this project. By bobbin came off and I had to put it back on. I now get tons of thread on the underside of what ever I am stitching. So please if you know how to fix this problem I could use your help! Here is a picture of what the bobbin looks like in case machines are different!

I am hoping Tim knows how to fix the problem. I'll be asking him for help when he gets home. (He learned how to sew a little when he was a kid.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Front Door's

I have discovered the difference a new front door can make in my daily life. I know it sounds crazy but a new front door has changed my emotional state. Let me explain why.

This is what our old door looked like. This is not the actual picture of our door. I wasn't thinking when all the activities were going on. I should have been taking pictures of all the construction that too place on Vetrens Day but I wasn't thinking. Any how this is what it looked like. Notice there are no windows. We only have two small widows in our living room/dining room. This is what they look like:
As you can see they do not bring in a ton of light. There is also a beautiful lilac bush infront of one of the windows. I would hate to cut it down because I love lilacs.

Now this is our new door. Look at all the windows. They make the small room seem larger and they bring in so much light. When I wlak into the room I nolonger feel enclosed or traped. Instead I feel invigorated as I can now see the happinings of our neighborhood. God has created the beauty of this world for us to see not for us to seperate ou selves from it inside our houses. Now even on the coldest of days I will be able to enjoy watching the snow fall, the dog's frolic and the squirls scamper with their nuts. Oh yes and the cutest little dog that lives nextdoor and another across the street. Perhaps I"ll snap some pictures of the dogs and introduc you to them.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sewing project #2

I did it! I sewed my little dog a jacket. It is light and not for the cold of winter but it will keep him warm on cool fall days. This jacket is made out light grey felt. Doesn't he look excited to wear it. I fastened it with three buttons. Two on the front and one on the side. I sewed a seam all around the edge of this stylish coat. I must say the curves were a bit tricky however I am cleaver and was able to out think them!

Here is a view of the other side. Note the little button on the color. This helps fasten it around his neck. There is another button attached to the strap around his chest!

From the top you can see tat it covers his entire back. I look forward to picking out some warmer cute material to use for his growing wardrobe!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Hobby Old Machine!

OK, so I remember vaguely when I was in 7th grade and I had to sew a pink fuzzy foot! Hmm I think I still have this project that was created in Home Eck(spelling???) Well I decided (since I have so much extra time on my hands) Perhaps it might be fun to try sewing again. I am certain my mother tried to teach me how to sew Barbie doll cloths when I was in elementary school. But since I was not overly interested in Barbies I also was not interested in learning how to make cloths for them. Sorry mom! Now I wish I would have had the patients to learn. So I will be teaching my self .

My sister in law let me borrow one of her machines. (she has three) I may consider buying a new one as Wal-mart has them for only $99. My sister in law also said she may have another one I can have after she gets it back from her grandmother. She was fixing it but it is half way across Montana.
Here is my project I made a Hot Cold pillow for Tim. So that he can Ice his leg with out the ice actually melting. (HMMM Whats up with the underlinging. I cant get it off...) Any way I used some felt that we had lying around and Sewed two rectulanger pieces together. I tried to get the seams straight but as you can see it was slightly crookid. Oh well then I turned the pillow inside out and filled it with black beans. (my sister in law gave me a whole bunch and my family can only stand them so often) Dad you would be proud I made bean soup with them and Guess What! I evan ate it! I guess it wasn't too bad. Oops I'm off topic again. Where was I? Oh yes then I had to hand stich the tiny hole closed. That is much harder than I remembered. Over all I am pleased with the way it turned out! Ill keep you updated with future sewing projects as I come up with them. I have in mind some cloths for my dog since it is so darn cold up here! He just shivers when he goes out side. And perhaps a skirt for me! I saw some cute paterns at the store!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Grandma's flour canister!

Ever since I was a little girl I remember getting flour out of Grandmas flour canister. This canister is a big silver container that you have to pull out of her bottom cupboard. I am sure that if it could it would tell of times gone by and all the baking that it has seen. I have been searching for a similar one for my own kitchen. After many months of searching this is what I found.
The lid sticks a little but I put some Crisco on it and it comes off much better now. I put all the flour I had in my house in the container and it only filled it to maybe half full. I still hope to find a canister just like my grandmas but until I do this one will work just fine!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wish Lists

Ok I know getting specific about gifts is tacky. However I thought this was the easiest way for people to see what we would like since we are so far away from everyone. You can click on our name and see what we think we would like and work from there. Now you must all keep in mind it is a wish list. Do we need everything we clicked on.... No but we can dream can't we? If you have a Blog you can create one too. Just go to Google shopping and search for items. If you find sometihing you like you can add it to your list and switch it to your shared wish list. Then it will give you a address to refer your friends or family to. I just added it to the blog using the links list gadgit. Hope you find this helpful.