Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do you know what colleges around the country are doing?

*******WARNING ******
*****Not For Children*****

First of all I know that I have some children who like to read my blog so I must ask that you do not read this entry. I am sorry I will have a more kid friendly entry next time!

I was reading the Minot Daily News while I was at work yesterday and I was appalled at what I saw adorning the pages. There was an article discussing a Sex Worker Art Show . The link attached to the words will take you to a similar article produced by Fox News.( This article is not as informative as the one In the Minot Daily News paper. However I am unable to find a link to that particular article! In this article they proceeded to tell that some of the more liberal colleges hold an annual sex show for their students. These shows include strippers, dominatrix shows and encourage make prostitution appealing to it's audience. Not only this but they also support and distribute collage produced porn magazines.
It's no wonder sex is not considered a sacred thing meant for a husband and a wife! One of the statements determined that chastity or abstinence is now considered to be the alternative life style. I feel as though we are currently living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

I guess that I want people to be aware of what some colleges are supporting. We as parents and grandparents should be researching possible university before sending our children there. How can we expect them to survive if they are thrown into a den of wolves. If you have any thoughts on this matter feel free to comment! Also perhaps we should all send letters to some of these colleges voicing our concerns! Most of all we need to pray for our children and the directors of the University!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Update

I wanted to show you what our final eggs turned out like. Mind you these are our first attempts!

This is one of Ansir's eggs. He was practicing how to make some of the symbols. I believe these were pitchforks.

For my egg I did several different designs. This side of the egg shows a cross.

This side shows some pretty pink flowers.

I used the yellow dye to create some wheat.

The final side has an orange fish. It looks yellow on the picture but it is orange.

This was just a quick design I did at the end of our session. I wanted to practice using the wax. It's not as easy as it seams.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday Walk!

Yesterday Ansir, Rosco and I went for a walk at Spring Lake. We had a great time.

Rosco saw a squirrel and decided to chase it.

Hey where did it go? The Squirrel was much smarter and faster than Rosco. But that did not stop him from looking.

And looking some more!

We also saw lots of large puddles. It was about 40 degrees out side so the snow was melting fast.

We saw lots of cows.

And played in the wooden maze. Peek I see you!

Rosco even enjoyed running in the maze. He stopped only long enough to let Ansir snap this quick picture.

This is what the maze looked like from above.

Oh yes and here is Ansir he thought he could hide from me. But alas I am a very witty 34 year old and was able to find him. Mom is Cool!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating

Today Ansir and I attended a Ukrainian Egg Decorating class at our church.
We had a good turn out.

Here you can see the pastors wife and her youngest daughter working on their eggs. And yes this does involve a flame!

When we decorate the eggs we use room temperature raw eggs. If they are cold they tend to sweat and repel the wax.

We also probably went through two rolls of paper towels and a box of Kleenex!

This is one of the steps invovled in creating these beautiful eggs. We had to put wax in the tool that you see above. Then we held the tool in the candle just long enough to start melting the wax.

This is a close up picture of how the wax was applied to the egg.

This is Ansir using the tool to apply his wax.

Once you have put your design on the egg with wax we dunked the egg into the dye. This is our pastors son.

After your design is finished you must remove the wax. to do this you must hold the egg into the flame to start melting the wax then you must quickly wipe the wax off with a tissue.

This entire crew is the pastors family they have 4 kids in all and they all worked very hard from 10am -2pm!

This is what the finished eggs look like. These were not the eggs that we made. Barb has made these eggs with her children over the years. Ours were much simpler in design. We had a great time and I look forward to doing this again sometime.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An Update on Tim's Knee!

We went to the Dr. yesterday to see how Tim's knee is healing. The Dr. said it is doing just fine! He will be able to start therapy in three weeks and he can start wearing his brace less often. Tim still thinks he will wear his brace when he is out on the snow and ice. But the best news is that he can go back to work! Tim is very excited about this.Praise the Lord for Answered Prayers! He may go back tomorrow depending on what the weather does. Otherwise it will be Monday. The house will seem very quiet with out him home. I think I might actually miss him!

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Day in Dickenson

On Saturday we traveled the two hour drive to Dickinson in order to spend a day with my parents. The drive was well worth it. They however had to drive 3 and a half hours. We decided to go out to eat at a Bonanza. It has been a long time since we have eaten at one of those restaurants.

While we were there Ansir ordered shrimp. As you can see by the picture Nana was trying to snich some of them. We spent alot of te time visiting about this and that.

We spent alot of te time visiting about this and that. Ansir was just thrilled to be sitting between two of his favorite people. He has missed seeing them every day.

This was also a birthday celebration gathering. Ansir turned 13 on the 17th of Feb. I will be 34 on the 17th of March and Tim will be 31 on the 3 of April.

Here you can see Ansir with his little I dog from my sister. Trustme I bet that dog is tired. He has been dancing since we got home!

Tim was excited to get a board to hold the fish while he filets them. He also got some lours. Now he can't wait to get the boat up from storage. Although every thing is till frozen and will be for quite some time I am afraid.

Here Ansir is opening his gifts from Nana and Papa. He was very excited!

Build your own light sabers. WOW that sould be hours of fun!

Never fear. I also got a few things. New bowls and baking sheets. This is good since mine are starting to get old and rusty. We made ome of the muffins on sunday and they were delicious and didn't even stick to the pan!

When we wernt at the resturant we walked around their little mall. With my dad's knees and my husband's knees we had to take some breaks. Here are my parents looking so cute as they share a bench!

This is my mothers had reaching out to grab Tim's head. He refused to look at the camera so she was picking on him!

This is Ansir looking a tad board. We were hoping one of the museams would be open to go through but in the cold of winter noting is open!

Oh yes we can't forget the spoiled little Rosco. He got lots of gifts as well. And no it was not his birthday. He is just cute! he got this coat and a pug (stuffed aminla) from Tim and my mom got him a pigs ear, a hoof and another stuffed animal. Now his bed is really full of stuff. We had a great time and look forward to doing it again some time!