Saturday, August 22, 2015

Making Bricks

This week we were learning about how people in acient times (specifically the people who lived in India and also during Mosses day back in Egypt) made their own bricks to build their houses. 

We collected dirt...
An empty container...
And sand...
Then we mixed the dirt
And straw into the bucket with some water.
Next we stomped...
And mixed
And stomped some more.
We made a muddy mess in the kitchen of all places.
It was great fun. We giggled and squeezed ans almost fell over.
Finally it was mixed enough. Or at least we hope so.
So we filled our bread tins that were lined with tinfoil. 
And we patted it and packed it as tight as we could.
Push it down Lucas. 
Finally mom put some of them in the oven and a I cream pale full in the entry way. How will it turn out? Time will tell.