Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Celebration at Bethel

Today the kids and I delivered cookies for the Halloween Celebration at Bethel Home and stayed for the fun.
The kids loved the decorations.

Dezzi and Lucas enjoyed delivering goodies to the residence and visiting with them.

We didn't know that they would also have treats for the kids. They went from table to table and received candy.

They had a costume contest for those residence who dressed up.

The lady with the yellow braids done first place. She also has a dog that wore a helmet.

The kids and I liked the sunflower costume the best.

The kids enjoyed tasting some of the baked goods, crackers and chips along with a greenish juice.

Next they had the costume contest for the workers. The therapists won. They dressed up as the Village People and danced to YMCA.

 The most fun part was watching the kids bob for apples

They were so excited.

Lucas even forgot to remove his hat.

After lots of tries...



Lucas was the first to secure his apple.

Dezzi kept trying...

with the help of the clown....

she finally grabbed one of her own.
Then we watched two of the workers race for their apples.

This gentleman was excited to give it a try. He had two little cheerleaders cheering him on.

We finished the afternoon by helping the staff clean up trash and wipe off tables.
What a fun afternoon.
Sing Praises to your King!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Studying Luthers Seal

Reformation is quickly aproaching so we are taking some time to learn about Martin Luther. Today we looked at his seal. We read the explanation that Luther wrote in 1530. 
Then we made our own Luthers Seal to hang up in our home.
First we traced all the parts on the coorosponding colors. 
Then we cut them out. 
It was a long and tedious process. But all in all they both did a great job.
Next we glued the pieces together.
We put cardboard between each layer to make it 3D. 
Now we wait for them to dry. (Do you like Dezzi's hairstyle? She did it her self.)
Lucas is pretty proud of his finished seal. 
Here is anot her explication. Of the seal.