Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If We Say We Have No Sin We Deceive Our Selves.

1 John:18-9 This is a verse that I remember saying each Sunday as we recited the liturgy of confession and absolution while I was attending  the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. In case you were wondering they can be found in the Divine Service setting two from the LSB hymnal pg 167.  I have always found comfort in hearing these words and miss hearing them now that I attend a church that is not as liturgical.

We attend church to hear about the law that shows us our sins and also the Gospel which reveals the saving grace that God has bestowed upon us. This is what strengthens us and helps us to hold steadfast in tough times. If we are not hearing both of these things during the sermon at our churches we need to ask ourselves What Jesus is our church proclaiming? Is it the true Jesus of the bible or a Jesus that fits the mold of what we want him to be?  

Sing Praises to your King!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fellowship In Christ

Today we learned about fellowship. I must confess that when I hear the word fellowship I think of the coffee time at church or a gathering where something fun or entertaining is happening. Too often this "fellowship time" turns into a gossip session or an all about me session. How is this glorifying our Father in Heaven. This is not the kind of Fellowship that John is talking about in 1 John 1:3 Being in fellowship is much more. It is sharing in the hope of eternal life. Praying for one another, encouraging one another with scripture and working together for the glory of God. The next time you are at a church function weather it be coffee or a youth activity where there is fun to be had. Take some time to talk about the Lord with those fellow believers, offer to pray for or with them, discuss the sermon or part of scripture that you have recently read. Let us turn those fellowship times into true Christian fellowship.

Sing Praises to your King!